My first experience as an entertainer was Freshman year at college. Being a music major, I entered and performed in the Freshman Talent Show, an annual event.

Joe Mac leads the band at Bay front Bluesfest event in St. Petersburg,Fl.


Playing an acoustic Yamaha 12 string I had just bought

at Manny’s Music, on West 48Th St. in  New York, where I had a summer job on Wall Street.

Sang Dylan’s “Positively 4Th Street”, several verses (14?) long.

Also appeared and played live on weekly campus radio station show “Folk Universal.”

Soon after, I found my way into a campus Blues and R n B  band where I played electric guitar.

Been playing the Blues ever since, among other things.

After school I moved to New York City where I studied with pro studio musicians and singers, and played

nightclub dates at CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City, Hurrah’s, The Bitter End, O’Lunney’s, and others.

When NYC got too cold, I moved to Puerto Rico, where I again worked as an entertainer, leading bands that played in San Juan hotels and on

U.S. military bases, including Roosevelt Roads, Sebana Seca, for the Army, Coast Guard, and Navy.

Two years later, I came to Florida, and have been here ever since.

After several years of traveling gigs, and a stint with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as an Orchestral Guitarist, and local contract work for Broadway Show road companies, I returned to work as an entertainer on hotel and convention center gigs as a solo singer/guitarist which then blossomed into a 4-piece group called the Paradise Blues Band, with whom I have played numerous dates on  the beaches in Pinellas County, and all over the Tampa Bay area.

Still active, Paradise Blues is available as a Trio or 4-piece dance band.

Joe Mac is also available to play Solo Guitar/Singer gigs and Classical Guitar for Wedding Ceremonies and private occasions.



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